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Designed to Meet Your Requirements

We design and specify every heater to meet your requirements, and this flexibility means that you don’t have to compromise.

We can offer 1.5mm galvanised steel or 1.5mm stainless steel flange mounted, plate mounted or spigot connected units.

We use stainless steel sheathed elements which are selected based on the required size, temperature rise, number of electrical stages and air volume to provide optimal element distribution across the duct area.

The slotted element supports are  designed to allow for the expansion of the elements.

Every heater is fitted with a high temperature safety cut-out to isolate the heater in the event of over heating as a result of an airflow failure.  We can provide manual or auto reset options based on your requirements.

Quality Assurance

Certified drawings are provided for your approval prior to manufacturing, which ensures we make the heater that you expect to receive.

All of our heaters are fully tested to ensure accuracy and electrical safety.

Every heater is supplied with an Operating & Maintenance Manual, which includes a terminal layout diagram, certificate of conformity and test certificate.

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